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Thursday, 1 October 2009


Five Rules to Supply Chain

Below I have stated the five most important rules of Supply Chain according to me, please feel free to alter, add, change or remove to create your top five.

1. The location of inventory and inventory itself is of interest to everyone in the supply chain, therefore should receive investment from all sides, whether it be in time or software.

2. The customer is by far the most important aspect in the demand chain, delivering customer value is critical.

3. Keeping the flow of goods to the customer is of most value; therefore the need to be smooth, fast and reliable is crucial.

4. Reliability is of upmost importance, reliable lead times are more important than the length of them.

5. Insuring your supply chain is pulling its weight is important but if others in your demand chain are not performing everybody suffers. The customer is the end goal and should be everybody’s target.

Please create your own top five, enjoy and subscribe.